• There it all began.
    A seed not planted by man, As it grew it seeped its roots in vastness.
    Spouting to the infinite unpredictably massive.
    Its trunk conceals secrets no man can endure.
    Showered over by williows that drape the inner core.
    X number of branches, Why this one here?
    I once believed lies founded on fear. They relied on virtues, Gov't in the ear...
    The Willows blazed in an eternal fire, to protect the knowledge of something higher.
    Ashes arent chaffed because the willows are undying.
    War craft ensues what can they be implying?
    And til we are greeted with soil, it remains unknown.
    Unsteady to and cant await to see what the truth beholds.
    Traditions miscued, Customs are broken, now the the Trunk is now out in the open.