• Time,
    it brings sorrow
    it brings tomorrow
    and that is not what i want
    I want yesterday
    to wind back time
    go to the past and change what i said
    I broke you heart
    and in return i broke my own
    it brings happiness
    it brings joy
    brings perfectness
    brings things that you do not wish
    it brings back memories that you wish to forget
    it brings back people that you wish you've never met
    I wish you would stop,
    i wish that i can make it rewind
    to that day
    that dreaded day that you
    came into my life and changed me
    Changed who i am,
    I was trapped
    and now that i am out
    I dont know what to do
    I am forever tainted by the tears that i shed
    Over you, and over what i had felt
    I still feel it
    the sting of loneliness that over took me
    that feeling of never being loved
    it didnt leave when you did
    It just stayed the same
    which what i should have done
    stayed the same,
    instead of bending to your will
    and making a fool of myself
    all for false trust
    all for false love
    i trusted you,
    and you walked away from me
    without a backwards glance
    a simple movement of the head,
    why did time do this to me?
    why did time punish me?
    what did i do?
    I do not deserve this
    and yet it still comes
    and haunts me
    that is the worst part of life
    Time changes everything
    People, ideas, even love
    but time can not erase all the things you made me do
    all the things you made me regret
    and still no justice
    nothing but a man walking away from a crying women
    one on her knees crying "please dont leave"
    and yet nothing
    Nothing but the sound footsteps
    *slam* the door shuts.
    you ruin everything
    time is my worst enemy.