• I cry out,
    but I doubt,
    you can hear.
    I guess your covering your ears.
    I sit and cry,
    tears streaming from my crimson eyes.
    I want to be there for you,
    even if right now you dont want me to.
    I love you and you know its true,
    but what I also know is that I'm just not right for you.
    As much as I hate to admit it I cannot lie,
    I know there can never be a you and I.
    Not now not ever,
    not even if I promise to love you forever.

    [[This is actually a remix of two of my previous poems, so let me know what you guys think.]]

    [[This one is more like rap, its sopposed to be read kind of fast paced so if you read it slow its going to sound weird]]

    So sick of all you players,
    rambling on like you do,
    trying hella hard to get me to do what you want me to.
    Tired of empty compliments,
    and "Oh you're so cute"s.
    just shut the hell up and give me the truth.
    I know all your doing is trying to get a new shiny toy,
    I'm telling you now im not falling for your ploy.

    Have to cover my ears,
    to shut out the voices,
    Can no longer stand to hear all the noices.
    Have to close my eyes,
    to no longer see,
    cause theres only uglyness in the world to me.
    Have to tape over my mouth,
    to keep from screaming the truth,
    that I am inmistakingly in love with you.

    I see you face,
    when I close my eyes.
    They say how cute,
    but its my demise.