• I tried to kill my pain,
    Easy it up on my suffering soul,
    It only brought more,
    So much more..

    So I lay down,
    Pouring out my regrets,
    I lay down,

    Dear lord,
    Am I too proud to be saved?
    My god,
    Return to me salvation

    Do you remeber me?
    Casted away and forgotten
    Will you look to the other side
    Will you, forget me?

    Dear lord,
    Am I too proud to be saved?
    My god, my torniquet,
    Return to me salvation...

    Out on my own,
    Cold and alone again,
    Can this be what you really wanted..

    Blame this on me
    This is my mistake
    Nothing can hold you back
    From what you really want, now

    Now that your gone,
    Fear fills my eyes again,
    Greving the things I cannot change
    And Really..

    Just blame this on me,
    This is so easy...
    I dont wish to hold you back

    I can't change
    Who I am.
    Not this time,
    I wont cry,

    I wont let you see me break,
    Just to keep you with me,
    Theres no time my dear,
    To waste on you

    My love wasn't enough...