• I love you
    I lie awake and listen to the melody of your voice
    listening to your words; it grows harder to breath
    as you say I love you my heart skips
    my worries become one distant fuzzy picture as I think of your lips pressing gently against mine
    My heart aches in aprehension; do you feel it?
    Can you possibly know what effect you have on me?
    tears form beneath my closed lids knowing how far away you are
    How can you be so far yet seem so close?
    I miss your arms around me; the sight of you smile breath takingly beautiful grows so hazy
    I long for your touch; your breath against my neck
    Why must time drag on so slowly?
    The pain worsens evertime you say 'I miss you'
    Not being able to wrap my arms around you; it kills me to be away
    The moisture runs down my face; I fear the longer we are away the more our love will fade away; the more you fall for someone else.
    Your voice reasures me but how long can you wait?
    You tell me forever and I sigh; I can only hope
    Sometimes despite my best efforts I find my hope faultering; I find myself thinking why bother?
    I don't deserve this angelic creature and his love for such a selfish creature astonishes me; my love you are but a mystery
    But tonight no such thoughts will enter my head; no, tonight I look to the stars and smile;waiting, hoping, anticipating
    Tonight I smile as I drift off to sleep thinking of you; wondering; I can almost feel it, your ragged breath on my face as you whisper those words.
    I love you