• On that snowy day she stood
    frozen child in her arms
    tears streeming down her face
    she nuzled her baby one last time
    placing her angel in the snow she walked away
    crying baby sat
    freezing in the snow
    fear struck naighbor, as she woke
    ran to get the child
    holding her tight and loving her
    angel baby so tall now
    walks the halls of high school
    falling in love and making friends
    never dreaming she was abandoned
    car crashed party sent her flying
    to that hospital bed
    docters tryed with all thair might
    but she was long since past
    you see she had a past down presnt
    if only she had know she was abandoned
    this could have been fixed
    if only i had told her
    maybe i wouldnt be standing here
    at her grave