• I see you cut your wrists and cry.
    But I know you are not more broken than I.
    I know you feel the same pain that I do.
    But there is nothing we can do.
    We cut to live and we cut to die.
    We cut to live.
    But what if we can’t live?
    We cut to die.
    But what if we can’t die?
    We will bear the pain.
    Only to again feel pain.
    We live only in darkness.
    Held close by the heartless.
    The ones who have sunk their fangs in deep.
    Those who in the shadows they do creep.
    But one day you ask what is more evil than evil and hear my reply.
    No one is more evil than I.
    I see you in your pain.
    I know you will go through it again.
    You try to die.
    But I will not allow you to die.
    I am the darkness in which you live.
    I give you shelter so that you might live.
    I am the shadows in which you creep.
    I am also the shadows in which you sleep.
    I am the heartless one that holds you close.
    How I hold you so close.
    I sink my fangs into your soft throat.
    Your pale, smooth throat.
    You do not fight.
    Hoping to die this night.
    But I pull my fangs from your throat and heal you gently.
    I know you are becoming sleepy.
    Know this dear friend of mine.
    In the darkness you are mine.