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    The First

    I am the girl on the left,
    Quick witted and deft.
    I swish my tail,
    No one can hear me wail.
    I'm lost in my own head,
    My heart like lead.

    The Second

    I'm the girl in the middle,
    The clearly complicated riddle.
    Of me you wish to kiss,
    And whom you dearly miss.
    But, oh how I deceive!
    Your heart of which I retrieve.

    The Third

    I am the girl on the right,
    I love you with all my might.
    You turn me away,
    Oh, darling, what did you say?
    Dangerous and wild,
    I'm definitely not mild.

    The End

    We are the girls that haunt your dreams,
    Much more complicated then we seem.