• I'm so tired exhausted beaten down.
    I have run a sorry ring impressionable to the ground.
    I can not go to the one I want society says its wrong.
    fear of what my family does if I am not around.
    and though i long to know the sweet embrace,
    of the one i care for i cannot see today.
    Nor does circumstance appear ammenable,
    to letting us meet on our own terms.
    people like I like you like any else,
    do not have the right to go to that cold perch.
    so I huddle now and hunker trying to stay warm,
    scarred and bleeding and hurting watching the setting sun,
    and wish that i could go to that illegal rendezvous.
    But i cannot and so we two put aside our fears.
    we know one day we won't need eachothers tears.
    for we will be together despite what others say,
    and I will my head down and sleep the endless dream.