• Careless we are lying in this bed
    No rush to the outside world
    Characters we are in the books we've read
    Your eyes are my diamond pearls

    A kiss on the forehead says more than your lips
    I feel the notion behind
    For so long there has been tears and rips
    In this scarred heart of mine.

    So you see it's hard when you say you won't
    Won't ever hurt me
    Because so much i've seen and put up a front
    To which I fear I lost the key
    No need to even begin the hunt

    It's not so simple anymore
    I don't get to go along for the ride
    Even if I manage to open this door
    I shall be swallowed by emotions tide

    I know I won't return your feelings
    I can only mimick what was
    The spark of your touch it sends me reeling
    End this I must

    But for now shall the morning light delay
    As your heartbeat it does hum
    Rest by your side I will and pray
    That tomorrow shall never come.