• My heart bleeds for you,
    I poured my soul out for you.
    You broke my heart in two,
    I must mean nothing to you.

    I cry inside myself,
    I can't let my heart show or else.
    Love is said and gone,
    I have tried to be strong.....

    You have no heart,
    No soul.
    You left me out in the bitter cold,
    And how do I still love you?

    I will never know,
    But the feelings that I show,
    Haunt me and I curse them,
    After all the things that you have done to me,
    I can't stop my feelings for you.

    You say nothing to me,
    Ignored and alone I crawl inside myself.
    I feel myself alone and the pain comes back,
    And then I cry.

    I hate you for everything,
    But yet this heart still beats heavy when I hear your name.
    You have done this to me,
    This cruel hated love.

    I want to end this one sided romance,
    I want to be free of you,
    To move on with my life,
    But this bleak future I see nothing with out you in it......

    So alone and cold what do I do now?
    Your such a b*****d,
    And yet I hate you but.....
    I can't hate you....
    Because I still fell this hurting love for you and only you...
    Like I have lost my mind.

    Like a drug to my system,
    The lovely pain comes again,
    The addiction so strong,
    The pain hurts so much,
    But just a little more and it will feel alright again.....right?

    I fight within myself.
    Trying to break free,
    But you still have my hear in your hand,
    Like burning heat and sand.

    I feel it pound away,
    I cry every day.
    So when I see your face,
    I disappear inside without a trace.