• A, sorrow. A, Eclipse. Some that i accidently missed, a sorry blue.

    Blue as in her eyes,
    that I see in those beautiful skys
    Something that I long to see, a bright yellow.

    Yellow, as in the sun,
    not nearly as bright a her golden locks of hair

    I miss the feeling of a happy love
    a bleeding red

    Red as in a Valentine card that I gave you that season,
    and you left me for no reason
    the clear water

    Water as in the tears
    I wipe off my cheek
    remembering the happy
    years we had together
    Another clear color coming.

    Except this one is dirty
    like a muddy brown.
    Brown as in my knee's when you
    gave me the letter
    covered in silky mud
    It gets no better

    CLear as in how clear it was
    We were in love
    But that's not my final answer

    Green as in the stains on
    my pants as I dragged on the graassy pain
    to much pain to count

    Clear as in how you don't need me
    Anymore, you closed the door on my heart

    Many as in the friends you had and the lies
    that they told.

    Clear as in how I don't need you
    But how I still care.