• I laugh i cry. Sometimes life and love seen unattainable. My life is like a deck of cards.
    I get the queen of hearts i get love. I get the king of clubs i get beat.The cards get shuffled i get pushed around. The dimonds i get rich. I can not change my life the cards deal my life. And i follow them. I can make my life shift but not change. The passings and goings of the days. Have bored me to love the cards. when the cards are to be hated changing the lifes of anyone who strays. They were ment to be hated. If you come to love the cards the cards will shun you.They shuffle but they are not ment to be shuffled. The shuffling of the cards is the shuffling of my life. When my life never changes i change. The cards are always the same and they are the ones who change my life. But i am the one who changes my self.