• So depressed in my little world,
    I smile for you, and laugh for you.

    When inside I battle with the self,
    That makes me cry.

    I can't tell you these things,
    I don't want you to feel bad.

    Please don't make me tell you,
    The truth to why I feel this way.

    For if you knew,
    You too would cry.

    Like I do all day.

    The life I live,
    Has so much to do with you.

    I can't think straight,
    unless your around.

    My life has gone down,



    To the point,
    where I'm never alone...

    ...Even when I am,
    I wish

    I wish you didn't,
    Have to see me this way.

    crying all the time,
    and dying on the inside.

    If you can't see,
    The sign for help I send

    Then that means,
    Your not my friend...

    I'll always love you,
    But I'll always be cold.

    And when I die,
    I hope you will be there.