• Inocent blood has been shed
    And tears of pain and loss fell
    He didnt deseve what he saw
    Nor what he heard

    He heard blood cudiling screams
    Of his deceased mother
    and wimpering of his little sister
    as she looked at him for the last time

    I am his friend
    i will admit
    but hi didnt deseve what he saw
    Nor what he heard

    He spends most of his life
    crying and sheding blood
    and when i see him
    I hug him and say "It's alright, Im here."

    His heart if full of pain
    His mind full of sarrowfull memmories
    That he wants to forget
    but haunt him everyday

    He cant bare anymore loss
    So he did with him-self by a noose
    Now i go to his grave and say
    "My friend you think you are better dead -

    but now whats your fate?"
    "You died by a noose
    and do you think that
    was a great idea?"

    'Well i must be off,
    but I'll be back for
    you my friend names,hiss."

    The sun was setting
    and as i left i blew hima kiss
    and with on last thing to say
    i said "Fare well my friend rest in peace."