• As The Blood Ran Down Her Head To The Hardwood Floor,
    Her Tears Ran Along The Smooth Surface Of Her Cheeks.
    She Had Nothing Left In Her To Give Her Strength To Lift Herself.
    She Felt Weak, Hopeless, Useless, Lifeless.
    As Her Headache Wore Off,
    She Felt Her Head, Noticing A Warm Liquid On Her Fingertips.

    She Started Up The Stairs Of The Two Story House She Found Herself In,
    Finding A Room, Filled With Her Memories.
    Pictures, Letters On The Desk, A Guitar Laying On The Bed, Next To It, A Book Of Songs Laid Near The Guitar With The Guitar Pick As Her Bookmark, Holding The Place Of Where She Left Off.
    She's Stood There For A Good Five Minutes, Until Something Caught Her Eye.

    She Walked Toward A Wall, A Wall Pinned With Pictures Of Her Memories.
    She Tore Them Down, But As She Came Across A Familiar Photo, She Paused.
    She Took It Off The Wall, Examining Every Inch Of It.
    Tears Blurred Her Vision, She Shut Her Eyes Tightly And Tore The Photo Until It Was As If It Was Ash.
    She Fell To Her Knees, In Front Of The Photo She Had Just Torn, With Her Head In Her Hands.

    She Noticed Nothing Was Left In Life For Her.
    She Ruined Everything That Gave Her Happiness, That Now Gave Her A Hatred Feeling.

    From There...
    It's Now
    Game Over