• As hard as I try
    As hard as I cry
    You never leave my mind
    Leaving me behind to find
    Something that makes me so blind
    Something I thought was so kind
    Your love kills me inside
    Pulling me down with it's binds
    Killing me slowly like acid vines
    When I only wished you'd be mine
    Now you scowl at my pain
    As I lay here screaming your name in vain
    Wishing this would all end soon
    As I stare longingly at the moon
    Wondering who you're with now
    As the sweat slowly drips off my brow
    Chained down to the ground
    To eternally be bound
    By something we loved so much
    By something we longed by touch
    But now we have nothing but a single glance
    Hoping and praying for that final chance
    That we meet once again
    By fates loving hand