• You look up at the sky
    You gaze down below
    Tears fall out of your eyes
    And onto the grass down low

    A tiny scratch is on your finger
    The thorns defences are strong
    You decide not to linger
    Because you were proved wrong

    A rose is unlike anything other
    It is stong and independent
    Any threat it can smother
    For it is not reluctant

    The rose is like a heart
    It stands pround and strong
    It never falls apart
    It knows where it belongs

    It never lets anything hurt it
    It never once shead a tear
    It never wants to quit
    It does not have a fear

    But unlike this tiny rose
    A heart some day has to break
    It always knows
    When it is going to ache

    It knows that one day
    It will find a love
    And it prays
    To those above

    You say to your heart
    I love this person
    And we will never part
    But my luck always seems to worsen

    And as you sit in the grass
    Tears claimed your face
    The hours pass
    They never leave a trace

    Flowing down your cheek
    The tears fade away
    You are being weak
    You will love again someday

    You start to stand
    And walk away
    Across the land
    Knowing you will come back someday

    To see your loving rose.