• I'm guessing you hate
    how much I care.
    How I've made you smile
    and was always there.

    The way you act
    when I'm around.
    You love me yet
    you push me down.

    I've been there to catch you
    everytime you fall.
    But I have a feeling
    you don't want me there at all.

    It all is fine.
    I'll gladly walk away.
    But everytime I do
    you whisper for me to stay.

    You loathe the way
    I genuinely feel.
    Happy all the time am I,
    and how my life's a thrill.

    You hate my guts
    but love my heart.
    You hold it in your hands,
    don't break it apart.

    I'm guessing you hate
    all the things I do.
    You probably hate this poem
    I wrote for you.

    Even through everything
    I've done and said.
    You hate the possibilty that
    you might like me instead.