• a smile a laugh its all for play
    i jump into the air thinking ill have a perfect land
    but no i fall over in agonizing pain
    suddenly a sharp pain in my foot as a knife stabbing into it and twisting
    but i dont cry.....pain rushes through my body like a wave crashing onto the shore of a sandy beach at high tide
    i lay in agony suffering from what had happened
    i gather enough stregenth to lift myself up to see what happened
    there is a big swelling on my foot i gasp for as i have never had this occur to me in such a way before..when i first was in pain i only thought it was a bruise but no its far worse the pain has lingered for days...i had to use crutches to walk but i got sick of them....finally i threw them down and said i will walk and i left them where they lay never to pick them up again.. but i feared this would not be the last i have seen of them..for possibly they will return