• From Night To Day,
    The human eye can experience quite a dazzling Array,
    If only i were awake Past day,
    For without the night i sigh in dismay.

    From Dark To Light,
    The stars will shine with might,
    And the sun will dissapear from sight,
    As the spinning Galaxies cover the skies of night.

    From Sun To Moon,
    Well reach the skies, soon, oh soon.
    Well leave at the break of night, No, Not noon.
    And from the harsh of the world, We shall be immune.

    From Night to Day,
    But why disappear in that Dazzling Array,
    When the warmth of May,
    And the Sun; Its ray,
    Will keep us lost in bliss throughout the day,
    But i stare at you with dismay,
    As the enigma of Night and Day,
    Wont leave my mind, Wont go away.