• Sick of crying.
    Tired of trying.

    For of course
    I hold my pathetic smile on my face
    But within I’m dyeing.

    Reminiscing on my life
    Thinking about what you have done
    How you have destroyed me
    Leaving me in this state of mind.

    I’m sick of crying.
    Tired of trying.

    You have built this wall
    Secluding me
    To prevent your love.
    In which I was to receive
    But letting in all your hate
    Your Anger
    To which I did received
    My pain.

    So fierce so sharp
    Like a shard of glass
    Piercing me thru my heart.

    I’m sick of crying
    These useless tears
    In this life you have destroyed.
    I’m tired of trying
    To make you love me
    To change your mind to
    Change you.

    I will take down this
    And let it crumble on me
    To show you my thanks .
    For I’m
    Sick of crying
    Tired of trying.
    So in the end
    I can remove this smile that I hold on my face
    And save myself from dying.
    Save my self from you.