• I stare out the window
    Down at the ruins from a view
    Of what I used to be
    I wouldn’t really call them ruins
    You don’t care
    You’ll move on
    Pick up the glass
    And sigh as you throw it
    Into the can and forget it
    Never to be brought up again.
    You said you’ll always love me
    But when I got hurt you turned the cheek
    Until they pushed me down
    And I finally retaliated
    And they hurt me worse
    But by then it was too late
    The world was crumbling
    Turning into ash
    Didn’t help you weren’t talking
    Nor that you were never there
    Or that you sided with them a few times
    That you almost silently were resigned
    To my fate and would do nothing
    To help me would be bothersome
    And too much effort
    You hate to cause waves
    though there was a torrent surrounding me
    Someday maybe you’ll remember
    Perhaps when my wedding comes
    If it ever does that is
    But after this all
    I’m not very sure at all
    You’ll make sure littles forget
    That I was ever there.
    It hurts me to hurt them, but
    I don’t think I could handle it
    The screaming, the pressure
    The neglect, the treatment,
    Their scorn, and their disdain
    The fact you thought that feelings
    Were through materials
    You always bragged about
    How you took better care of me
    But my emotions were empty and void
    You never truly showed love
    You only showed me money
    I know better than that
    But through it all I still care
    I still cry at night
    Because I still love you
    Because I want you back
    Because you are a part of me
    Because you are still my Dad