• "Undying Love"

    I am the wind and the water,
    I am fire and I am earth,
    I am the night and I am the day,
    I fear nothing for I have nothing to fearm
    I am the guide for the lost and any, who have hope,
    I am nothing...yet I am everying,
    I am the savior of few and the demise of many,
    Most see me but they do not see me,
    My dark graceful wings shelte those who are luck enough to be granted my love,
    And block those who would wish to harm the ones I love,
    I am the Dark Angel, and this is my vow to the one I love the most,
    I shall stand by your side,
    Unflinching, Unmoving,
    Like the moon in the darkest night I shall forever light your path with my infernal flame,
    I shall take your hands in mine and lead you through the dark,
    Past the hairy beasts that howl in the moon lit night,
    Past the white leaches whose hatred glows strong and fierce against your kind,
    Past all that will ty to harm you,
    I will never back down,
    I will stand strong until the end,
    You are my life, my Angle of Mercy in this twisted and unforgiveing world; nothing will stand in our way,
    For I am your Gothic Prince, your Dark Angle that waits in the night to guide you through your life,
    This my dear is my undying vow of my love for you,
    And never shall it be undone.