• I'm like; stuck in a maze, trapped in a glass box. Struggling to get out and to breath fresh air. But I can't escape these torturing walls that hold me down.

    I can't escape these four walls, that close in some more, sucking my oxygen out. I need to breath but you won't let me. I'm stuck in this maze getting dragged to hell, not knowing what the world holds for me. But you are my master, and I have to listen.

    Knowing that I am your slave to hold against my god forsaken will. I don't care if you abuse me, since I have no right to say. I have no soul or emotions, I got them taken away from me.

    Walls that will surely kill me, that will abuse me until I break. I will always huddle to the corner and still stay with you forever.

    Because you have no one else to love, or hate so I'll be your doll until my time is done. So these glass walls will be my life, my love and will be your toy.

    I'm stuck in a maze, trapped in a glass box, still struggling slowly for fresh air, but can't escape your grasp on my neck. Never seeing daylight again, because of these torturing walls.

    I'll be your toy until time is up for both, my love....