• Just when I was thinking, why bother?
    I met you and found a brother.
    Looking back at that day
    I can say:
    I'm happy that things happened that way.

    I don't know why, but you, me, inspire.
    Whether it be great ire --
    --You know how much you love to feed that fire--
    Or so dire a desire
    That drivers to me to try harder, go longer, climb higher.

    When I was lost, wandering through apathy,
    You showed me sympathy
    And helped me to overcome
    What I had become.
    You showed me that I wasn't alone.

    Just when I thought I was done,
    When I was looking for salvation,
    Yet could find none,
    You helped me escape the desperation
    And returned my inspiration.

    Because you saved me from that hell,
    Because you gave me the strength
    To be more than a forgotten shell,
    For you I went the extra length
    And always wished you well.

    It is a pleasure to be your friend.
    No matter the consequence.
    Even if, to you, it doesn't make sense.
    After all that has happened
    I am finally happy in the end.