• Dancinc and laughing through the forest they twist
    Singing sweet music, a lyrical mist
    This mist seems to flow over the flowers
    And between the trees
    Waking them to live and laugh, just like these

    Alive they are, to dance and sing
    Even the bee's that join refuse to sting
    Lively flowers twirl, dropping petals here and there
    Like a soft colorful rain
    Everyone who'd watch would stand and stare

    In awe of this beautiful sight
    Happening right before their eyes
    I bet they'd even start to cry
    They would, that is if they could

    But if these creatures hear a thing
    A snap of a twig
    Or an off-key sing
    Away they go, without a trace

    The trees and flowers live still once again
    And the things that would've been seen will never again
    Until a lonely day, in need of some color
    And the cooperation of Nature's Mother