• Damn, you were the diamond in my arms,
    & when you broke away my mind crumbled in alarm.
    Seeing red & blue cause I'm angry and I'm lost,
    steady trying find myself but needing you to move on.
    Guess I'm held back cause I always put you last,
    you ain't love Cj Young, you just loved that ***** Chaz.
    But that is the past & I tried to make it last,
    & I tried to put you first, yet you couldn't make it pass.
    Damn, I guess I really messed up,
    cause every time I call you never pick up.
    I guess you had enough & I couldn't take away,
    all the bad that we had & the good it over weighed.
    I wish you would of stayed & let me hold you down,
    cause you always had me lifted now I'm always on the ground.
    Dis s**t is so played no games hear me out,
    baby give us one more chance before you find a way out!