• twisted Pools of tears are streaming down crying
    I wished you knew, cry
    The kind of pain i can inflict on you. confused
    Blood wells up at my finger tips, sweatdrop
    And all i wonder is why did i do this? question
    So simple so easy no one will notice, stare
    Especially if my hand is a fist. ninja
    Walls fall down and my power creeps out, scream
    Friends and family all in danger, stressed
    I wonder if I'm now stranger. cool
    What would you do, redface
    If I were about to kill you? evil
    Scream and cry and wait to die? twisted
    I wish you believed, stare
    I wished you knew, emo
    The kind of pain i can inflict on you. scream
    A single hand and tiny finger... ninja
    can cause the damage of a million daggers. cheese_whine
    As you sleep my mind will creep, neutral
    To how delicious a treat you'll be. sweatdrop
    My mind's a messed up place to be, stare
    A wonderful world for only me. exclaim
    Twisting, turning, almost learning, smile
    To control the lust, twisted
    The wonderful smell of blooded rust. evil
    It pulls me closer, twisted
    Closer to hell. twisted
    Always wishing it'll all go well... evil
    Nothing happens as ever planned , evil
    But then again... now I'm damned. twisted