• Played by the wind
    Kicked by the waves
    Bathe by the streams
    And cared by the shades
    Salted by failures, bettered by hindrances
    Seasoned by dreams delighted by love
    For it is like a wheel for the cart and tide for the sea
    A blood for the heart and sun for the day
    Where sometimes you're up and sometimes you're down
    So please, don't be despaired by failures
    Nor be weakened by it
    Just think the positive and forget the opposite
    For behind the clouds the sun still shining
    And after the dawn just wait
    For it will rise again
    It is a start on its way roaming around the space
    Looking for someone else or someone to play
    And if nothing to go with
    It's just like you losses the world
    But my friend I will tell you
    Don't loss your hope
    Because that's life
    Nothing was lost