• Time passes with heart aches
    crushes,puppy love, and heart breaks
    We grow up and see life all around us
    But when it stops we make a fuss
    But we shouldn't for its not good bye
    we are just delaying our next Hi's
    In a few years maybe 80 maybe even 100 I'll see you again
    and I will thank God you were my friend.
    I won't be alone I won't be scared
    For I know you truly cared
    Every moment I am thinking
    Every moment I am breathing
    Its all with you in mind
    Even if I went blind
    I'd remember every look that had to do with you,
    and all the things we use to do.
    So now its time to move on
    Play a new song
    Get my life on a new track
    And simply look back
    And live my life knowing your always here
    To calm my fear.
    I love you and Miss you all,
    But now I'll wait for my call.
    So sit there and wait.
    for soon I'll be at that gate.