• You don’t know how to stop life. Life knows how to stop itself, though. Life kills you everyday. It never stops hurting you. It cuts you deep. Life just wants to see you fall down to your knees and beg for mercy. Life wants to see you in pain. To suffer. And in the end, Life conquers all. Life makes you give up when you feel like dying. Life takes everything away from you. Life shapes you into a twisted being.

    The trick to life is to never back down. Never show any weakness, stay strong and keep your face held high. Never let Life see you when you’re in the dark. Never let it seek out what it wants most from you. What it wants is to consume your sorrow. Be strong for the ones around you. You never know what might happen if you don’t stay strong for them. You falter. You make mistakes that seem so small, but they never stop haunting you.

    And when the time comes, you realize that you were so stupid for not forgiving yourself for everything you do wrong. When you finally give up. When you are at the peak of breaking down and giving up, Life takes you. It scoops you up and takes you. No one notices a thing when you’re gone because they were too busy ignoring all the things you tried to make right, but ended up wrong.

    And that is the point where I have failed.