• Seen in the hall by him, your true love
    He sees the beauty not seen by a dove
    You may be imperfect, but to him you're a dream
    He sees the person inside of you, no matter how you seem

    All he wants is to kiss you goodnight
    You've never once put up a fight
    He wants to let you know how special you are
    He wants you to know how you shine like a star

    Your hair, your lips
    Upon he wishes to kiss
    Maybe one day he'll be lucky enough
    To have his true love

    Don't you notice he exists?
    He bumps into you, just so you get the gist
    Go on, make your move
    He's been waiting for you

    Today is the day, you'll tell him how you feel
    Tell him, go on, you're head-over-heels
    May today be the day that you get the guts
    To tell him, the One, you've found your true love