• They come in the dead of night,
    For eternity they have been a blight
    When the sun rises they have vanished,
    But still they were not forever banished
    We must always live in terrible fear,
    Every night we know they are near
    Hunting them is useless, for they hunt us,
    What can we do, other than simply fuss

    With no idea of what we did so wrong,
    We just set forth and continued to move along
    Still we hear them, and feel their wrath,
    They have caught us in their violent warpath
    They are the Hunters, and we their Prey,
    Many of us fear that there is no getting away
    The ends of our pitiful lives are surely close,
    How can we defend ourselves with no heroes

    Night is drawing closer, within the next hour,
    I wonder which one of us they will devour
    Since the first night we have traveled far,
    Yet we have found no signs of a savior
    These beasts must surely be from hell,
    If any survive none will believe this tale
    We've come to a crossroad, both tragic,
    So we do not know which one to pick

    Tonight when they come I shall take up a blade,
    You would expect fear, but yet I am unafraid
    Maybe tonight the beasts will be slain,
    Or maybe I will no longer remain
    Possibly the dream will lift and fade,
    And hopefully I'll be free of this entire charade.