• Love is not Blood
    Blood is not Love
    But they are similar in some ways
    Like when you bleed you think of Love
    When you're in Love you think of Blood

    It's wierd because

    Love is magical
    It makes you happy
    And sad
    And relieved all at the same time

    Blood is scary
    When you see Blood
    You think anger

    And the Devil down in Hell
    And God up in Heaven

    But they ARE similar

    Cause when the person you Love is covered in Blood,
    You're VERY scared, and sad, and angry, and bitter

    But, you think of all the great times you had together,
    And, while your Heart and Soul is feeling hurt,
    Your head is thinking magical things
    But you're not feeling relieved, cause they're gone.

    Love and Blood
    Love is Bloody
    Blood and Love
    Blood is... not lovable
    Because it hurts your Heart

    Now, what are you going to do...
    When your Love is covered in Blood and in a coffin...
    There are endless possibilities...
    But one that won't happen:
    Forgetting them
    You'll never forget them,
    You'll always miss them,

    And You'll always love them
    Love. Magical Love. It will never let you go. Never will it say good-bye.
    That's how Love is. You can never change that.

    And I was the one to tell you heart