• Hold on to my hand,
    While walking down these tunnels
    Of fright and suffering.
    Never let go of my hand,
    Hold it forever.
    I want to see your smile,
    The warm smile that will save me again.
    So never let go of me,
    Since i want you to hold me.

    Never let go of my heart,
    Devoted to you and your life.
    These sencire feelings that we cherish now.
    Never let go of my heart,
    Hold it forever.
    I won't hand it over to anyone,
    Only you may steal my love away.

    I beg you now,
    Never let go of me.
    I don't want you to sink into
    The dark hole of suffering.
    Not again, never again.
    Never let go of me...
    Hold it forever.