• I look into the mirror,
    And what do I see?
    A fake smile reflected,
    Eye's devoid of all glee,
    But maybe on,
    The reflecting side,
    There is no grief,
    Under smiles, meant to hide,
    Maybe my reflection,
    Is truely happy,
    And reflects the person,
    That I wish to be,
    Maybe if I were to find,
    His world, on another plane,
    Then my smiles would need not hide,
    My grief nor my pain,
    And maybe if I took his form,
    In his prison of glass and silver,
    Then happiness would spring true,
    And smiles I'd not pilfer,
    Life in my reflection,
    Would be ideal,
    For I'd need not hide,
    The way I feel,
    For I'd feel no sadness,
    And would never feel alone,
    For in this world of mirrors,
    To my reflector I'm sewn,
    And maybe in this world,
    I will gather my heart,
    And never again,
    Shall it fall apart,
    Maybe in a world,
    Where there is only glee,
    I can act upon false courage,
    And she would love me,
    In a world reflected,
    I'd find answers,
    For in my heart,
    I'll find mirrors.