• Midnight Rave

    Hearts pounding in unison
    A room filled with smoke
    The high of adrenalin
    Like a never ending sugar rush
    Glistening bodies of sweat
    So close together
    As if they were sharing a heart
    Pumping the poison of music
    Through their veins
    Diluting their thoughts

    As the fleeing crowd draws you out
    And the blazing pit of dancing bodies breaks
    It fades into the antidote of cool midnight air
    The strong chors of beats
    Quiets to the empty streets

    The neon lights
    Faded to the speckles of distant light
    Now the only spot light
    Is the dim glow of a moon

    The faint screech of sirens
    Sends a state of panic
    For the unfortunate events
    That brought them to there destination

    It awakens you from the daze
    And makes the cold air whiplash you
    Back to reality
    Like a slap in the face
    Or jumping into an ocean of ice water

    The wind is knocked out of you
    As you find the night has passed
    And your heart now beats for one
    For you are alone

    Now the only music playing
    Is the sounds of your own footsteps
    Like piano keys
    Playing one note after the other

    Getting farther from the beginning
    And closer to the end
    As you wait to crash
    Into a deep state of REM

    Dreaming of the next big rush
    That will wash your life away
    Waiting for the music
    To come and consume you
    And to make the hours turn to seconds
    Because you pray for the rave
    And the DJ answers you
    With the pounding of music
    So once again
    Your hearts will beat in unison