• They watch upon us,
    Us lousy humans,
    Who talk, and talk,
    And never think,
    But one clever human,
    Saw the truth.

    She thought before she talked,
    And took nothing for granted,
    And gave more than she took.

    A angel saw through that,
    The veil that hid her true self,
    And what he found,
    Was hurt pride,
    Lost love,
    And comeplete caring.

    He yearned to teach her how,
    How to love,
    To love other than caring,
    So one day he approached,
    And said hello,
    But, her kindness to strangers,
    Had made a war far worse,
    And as she turned,
    He knew that he was to late.

    He tried to help,
    But all he could do,
    Was dull the pain of death.

    He stayed on earth,
    For several years,
    And found her again,
    And this time,
    He vowed to teach her to love,
    And to cure her of the tear,
    In her soul,
    But yet did he know,
    He would do much more than he vowed.