• TimE HAs cOme FOr uS To eNd ThIs YEAr
    pROmiSe tHaT We woN'T foRgEt aLl Of yOu DeAr
    In SUccESs wE CEleBraTeD toGeTheR
    iN DEfeAt yOU SaId, YOu'rE ThERe fOReVeR.

    As wE MArCh To oUr neW wOrLD, We reMEmBeR
    thAt iN JOys aNd PAinS We'VE bEEn tOGeTheR
    OuR pAReNtS WorKEd HaRD FoR BeTteR eArN
    ouR TEaCheRs DId tHeIR bESt FoR uS To lEArN.

    "ThE wOrLd oUtSIdE iS DiFfEreNt," tHey SaY
    wE'lL MeeT PEopLE oF diFfeReNt FaCeS AnD RAceS
    We CaNnoT AVoiD tHoSE WHo wiLl cONdeMn
    BUt As lONg As yOU Do WHat'S RIgHt, YOu DoN't HAvE To MInD THeM.

    as We REaCh oUr SUccESs, LEt'S NoT IGnOre
    alL THoSe PEoPle wHo MAde Us SOaR
    MaY We BEcoMe TeAcHerS iN oTHeRs' LIvEs
    tHRoUgH It We CAn AChIeVe ReAl HOnoRS Of LiFe.........