• I stare in scilence
    Who are you to think you know,
    all about me,
    and who I am
    more than just this?

    I stare and gape,
    you think you know it all,
    but just as i imagined,
    you don't know anything,
    you are just a lie,
    why do you think you can
    understand the most complex
    of human beings?

    It's me that your staring at,
    knocking at your door.
    It's me you once knew so well,
    and i knew you once more,
    It's me your asking
    to find out just what i was hiding for you.

    So why don't you ask her?
    She might just be,
    she might be the better,
    the alter from you to me,
    Why don't you go off,
    and bury yourself in pain,
    someday I'll realize,
    your being made me insane.

    I was waiting all this time
    I was waiting forever
    For you to understand
    for you to get my life.
    You think you know?
    well your an ididot, let me say,
    once you see
    what i have seen
    once you do,
    what i do,
    go though,
    what i've gone throgh,
    what i have seen,
    what I have been,
    then you can finally see...

    There is nothing
    behind that door
    except dust that swept my emotions up
    as it reformed,
    maybe it will take yours too,
    and there is no reason,
    to show you who you are,
    because I already know,
    you shouldn't see,
    and you don't know,
    very well,

    ~Noh it doesnt rhyme and its not my best but im sure as hell proud of it.