• Every time I think,
    I can feel the pain,
    I was safe and happy,
    Now nothing will ever be the same.

    It was long ago,
    Long before I knew,
    I was lost in ignorance,
    Then that time was through.

    I thought that I’d have a happy ending,
    But instead, what’s this?
    You mean that I am lost?
    Lost within my soul?

    Why does it have to be this way?
    Can I face another day?
    Why can’t we stay here?
    How can we reverse our sins?
    How can I relive again?
    Can’t we just stay here?

    It’s impossible,
    How can things just be like this?
    I don’t believe a word you say,
    I will stay in bliss.

    But is it bliss?
    Or is it hate?
    Or is it something,
    Something much worse than fate?

    Something unnatural,
    Something of nightmares,
    Something that grins and laughs,
    When we are snared.

    Can this be?
    Does it have to be this way?
    Can I change this newborn day?
    Can we truly not stay here?
    What do you mean there’s little time?
    Can’t we have more time to find,
    Whatever this thing is?

    But there’s something,
    It’s in my heart,
    It’s been pulling,
    Right from the start.

    I tried to ignore it,
    But it wouldn’t go away,
    This must be the thing we must find!
    How could I have mistaken this for pain?

    Now I understand,
    I can comprehend,
    What this is all about.
    Am freer than I’ve ever been!
    No more pain ever again,
    Now I’ve seen the truth.