• And with these lips, we move our hips to the sound of the voices that we can't let go
    And while the tears run down our faces, we put on our make up, we put on a show
    And we color our world with black and gray, the colors of our sighs
    And around we look for what won't go away, the presence just a lie
    In the future, our hearts will sink, like the Titanic, love and all
    But still the rain comes crashing down, like in love with you I fall
    And these lips of mine keep forming... the words that mean the most
    I can't tell you how much I feel, the silence is just a hoax
    I feel my heart beat pounding, a form of love and fear
    And with this voice I speak the words that the lonely need to hear
    I can't offer you a heart if you won't put out your hand
    And I lay here on the ground because without you I can't stand
    Because my knees are of comfort when your memory relays
    I sit here, thinking of you, a loving heart for my thoughts today