• I never felt so much fear
    So much it almost brings me to tears

    I've never been so hurt in my life
    So many turning away
    Turing their back on me
    After breaking every inch

    I never thought I could do it
    But there was so much in my head
    What happened
    How it happened
    And most importantly

    But I didnt really feel like myself
    I wasnt myself
    With all the pain
    And an undescribable feeling

    Shock, pain, or just plain nothingness
    Whatever it was
    It made me grab the lustrous blade
    The lustrous, fatal, tempting blade
    And I didnt let go
    I don't think I ever could

    But thats what happens
    When everything you know
    Or everything you though you knew
    Turns its back on you
    Knocks you down and kicks you
    You lose all of your trust
    You lose yourself
    When others let you go