• Why must i live in this world afraid of my own shadow?
    Why must i hide when no one wants to find me anyway?
    Why must everyone i feel no one will remember me when i go?
    Why do you all look at me with so much discontent?
    Why can't you see me through all you're conceptions of normal?
    Why does you're face grimace as i pass you by?
    Why do i feel so far away when you are right beside me?
    Why . . .Why don't you answer me?

    How can you throw me away so calously?
    How can you laugh at me while i try my hardest?
    How can you sit there and do nothing as i lie in the depths of depression?
    How can you take my light away and throw me into the dark?
    How can you be so spiteful to someone you never took the chance to know?
    How can you be so cold?
    How can you sit there and say. . . .Nothing?

    When will i be free of you?
    When will my world turn rightside up?
    When will these cold, frail fingers of mine touch the light again?
    When will i be able to satisfy my needs?
    When will i be able to escape this hellish place called reality?
    When will you tell me the truth?
    When will you simply forget me and move on as though i never existed?

    Where will it begin?
    Where will this end?
    Where can i find someone who feel's the same as i do?
    Where will i find my happily ever after?
    Where will i find that one person to tell me everything will be okay?
    Where has my heart gone?
    Where has the old times gone?
    Where can i find a place to rest. . .?

    I want what i know i can't have!
    I want my dignity, my beliefs, my joys!
    I want that quiet little place only me and you know about!
    I want to know i belong!
    I want people who actually want me!
    I want to end this charade i call life, walking deadly around day in and day out!
    I want to start new!
    I want to know it's now too late!
    Iwant to be able to say "I need nothing else from this life!"

    This silence we share. .
    That awkward relationship you called love. .
    This moody parting we had. . .
    That depression i felt. . .
    This knowledge i know now. . .
    That calous shrug off you gave. . .
    This anger i feel . .
    That side you let me see. . .
    This feeling of being on the otherside of the mirror. .
    That feeling when the mirror . . .shattred. . .

    "Loss is when you can find it again, therefore you can never lose love, it just means you never had it to begin with." -Reh