• There was a place where i could see everything in the pitch black
    Her heart was everything I needed
    Following her blindly, but i didn't see the cliff ahead
    She was my view over the hill, seeing the true beauty of the world, the sky, the meadow, the birds
    She was my simple joy, my easy access outlet for a free smile, no cost
    But I felt the need to pay her back with everything I was
    But the price for smile went up, suddenly free was too expensive for me, so she repossesed my smiles
    Taking everything I had in this world
    Along with the smiles left the meadow, now burnt grass
    The sky, but a hanging dark cloud full of blistering hail
    The birds all migrating as the perpetual season stood, t not return
    Now i find myself saving up say i can afford free
    I need my smiles