• i miss you now, i need you here
    reality doesn't seem at all clear
    it's your hugs and touch for which i yearn
    but all i get is a breeze, which can't hug in return
    it's the words you have spoken, your voice still lingers
    even though i can't touch you with a wave of my fingers
    reality is crashing, why won't it stay sturdy?
    it's getting my hands and thoughts awfully dirty.
    i guess i played to long in Wonderland
    my legs are broken, i can no longer stand
    i guess i stayed to long with the clouds in my head
    for when i crashed down to reality, i'm wishing i was dead
    whats it like up there in your eternal Wonderland?
    is there cake and tea? is everything insane and not bland?
    do you always have a sugary feast?
    and can you point out the ways of Snud and Queast?
    i really wish i can be in that place
    because everything isn't real, so theres no pain to face
    just be in the land where nothing makes sense
    no need to figure out problems that can get you tense
    i suppose i spent to long in my Wonderland
    now, reality hit me so hard, i can't even stand
    reality has an evil way of always coming back
    trapping your thoughts, making the world seem black
    don't you wish there was a place for you and me?
    somewhere we can escape from reality?
    i know a place, but my stay has exceeded
    paying attention to real life, is where i'm now needed
    so you can go back, don't follow the man
    skip along, finding your own special plan
    enjoy yourself and don't forget your free
    so please, take this advice and enjoy it wisely
    don't stay to long, and don't fly to far.
    because the next time you land, it won't be on a star
    enjoy this time, because you still can
    take this advice, and don't abuse the security of Wonderland.