• The crime in 2009
    Some believe it's fine
    Born innocent as all
    Because of Juan A. Martinez Matos, he was led to his downfall
    Dressed as a women Jorge did
    19 and happy, untill then
    Juan saw Jeorge, believing he's a women
    Invited him in his car
    His death was not near far
    Now in Cayey, Puerto Ricco he now lays
    Because someone took his life away
    As well as his body
    Burned, dismembered, decapitated,dead
    Teared limb from limb, as well as his head
    Many tears shed
    When they lay in bed
    The mother and father of yours Truly
    Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado
    But it was not just only Juan who disagreed
    But some law enforcement officers indeed
    Law enforcement officers who is to be at your side
    These did not care that he died
    Saying "He got what he had coming to him because his sexual orientation"
    But everyone's different, from any nation
    Those comments that were said angered most
    Even those he did not know
    Miriam Mercado, the mother who loves
    Even when her son told her he was gay
    She said,"Now I love you more" I bet she does every day
    I agree with another word she said
    "Hatred is not born with human beings,
    It is a seed that's planted by adults and is fostered
    Creating a climate of intolerance and violence
    We must change our ways and understand that anyone..could have been my son."
    But in a way, they won
    Thousands of mourners gathered to remember two:
    Puerto Rican Jorge,19 and African American Jason,15 too
    Anchorage, Alaska, Los Angelus too
    West Hollywood,California if only I was there too
    San Francisco, Chicago, Terra Haute,
    Indiana, San antonio, Dallas,North Carolina,
    Washington, DC, if only I could see
    Instead of hear but those also in Boston, Philadelphia, and New York did
    Do you regret what you did?
    Knowing you really sinned?
    Not like God but still pinned
    Not in his heart but it was stopped
    Because of you like a balloon he popped
    Not literally but almost
    Once alive like all
    But you just wanted him to fall
    Because your mistake and stupidity
    I would never give you any pity
    You deserve what you get
    Like all the rest
    Two deaths may not seem right
    But you're the one who put up the fight
    If you don't like those who are gay
    Then just stay away
    You were the one looking for sex
    Which you shouldn't have been doing since it's illegal
    Driving in your car you found Jeorge
    Who you thought was a girl instead of a boy
    Do you think it's right?
    Do you think it's fair?
    That you gave him such pain so hard to bare?
    No Soul no heartbeat
    As you left him on a street
    Burned and shattered
    His blood spattered
    And yet you just stay in jail
    But next may be hell
    If not there then I'll be shocked
    But I'm still glad you're locked
    If that was your family member
    Brother, Sister, Son are daughter
    Would you want anyone to go farther?
    To kill the one you love because they hate?
    And will probably always discriminate?
    I think not so why did you kill?
    You say Gay-panic I say BS!!
    From the ones who loved him you deserve to get hit
    So knowing there were thousands of people against you
    How do you feel
    Do you with you could redo
    What you have done
    This isn't fun
    To know in my life things like this has been done
    To people in our life
    Because who they like
    If someone hurt you because who you like
    How would you feel?
    Think before you act
    You wouldn't want to get stabbed in the back
    There are people who have
    I wish peace for those who died
    LGBT and all
    For you will no longer fall
    You now rest in peace
    And go to sleep
    For in some, your memories we keep
    This makes me cry
    So many people die
    Because they do not tolerate
    Just choose to hate
    Who two people create
    All together because of death
    If only they all had another breath
    Along with their life
    That were taken away
    Maybe I can meet you all some day
    Some of the people already payed
    And some still take time to pay
    Juan will pay
    As he is now in jail
    Needing $4 million bail
    Jeorge's life started August 13, 1990
    And ended November 13, 2009
    You may not have cared in the beginning
    But if it was you kid, would it be fine?