• The contrast between good and bad people is very slim but bold. Words from my grandmother have made me question this border. “Was I such a good mother, or was it just that you’re father was so lousy?” these were her words spoken to my father very shortly before she died. It makes me wonder, if we didn’t highlight the heroes, would the villains be villains at all? Does it take one wrong deed to make everyone hate you?

    Have you ever thought the Joker had a reason for being so serious, or that Spiderman had a reason for getting bitten? Look at all the stories of redemption and wonder, why is it that the Grinch’s heart grew three times that day or why Scrooge learned to love again that Christmas Eve? It was because they learned; they learned that people loved them, that the few out there that care, really mean it. Although, these are all fairy tales, myths, legends, tall tales. This would never happen in this world. The world where no one gets along, where everyone is selfish, where people deceive others just so they can make a quick buck. It makes me wonder, if we the humans in all our “intelligence” and our stupidity, if there is even, anyone in heaven. In such times of sorrow, it is hard to believe that anyone will ever justly be able to stick their head over that gate and even just glimpse happiness.

    Most of us have been baptized in some way. Water is used to cleanse us, renew us and wash away our sins. Water brings comfort, cleanliness, good health. It is the very essence that keeps us alive. But, some souls do not quench water, they quench fire.

    Fire, the liberator of all sins, of all evil! The one true, fair judge of who has done good and who has done wrong! Light that leads the way out! Light, glorious light! The candle shimmering in the darkness, the candle that flickered but never to be blown out by the wind, somehow the candle will remain bright, if not dimmed. The candle was light not by a match or by an ordinary flame, a flame light by a person in the dark, of there hopes that maybe this, their last resort will lead them back home.

    I was bestowed the name of light, and my dream. To have my veins not filled with blood but with fire of magma that flowed threw my veins intensifying my every action!
    A heart, filled with pure, white light. The rarest light if all. Pure untouched, unharnessed this light is hardly ever seen, and so are the confines of our hearts, where else could you find a better place to store it? Plus, inside us whether villain or a hero, innocent bystander or ally in evil, don’t we all have some goodness in us, for some plenty, others not so much. We are cleansed with this fire, our destiny, our faith. One day, perhaps to find peace, one day perhaps to find victory. But for now we hide away our white light and conform into the roles we have been given is this messed up world, only to hope that we don’t get too side tracked on the way to that white gate.