• Remember to feel how you do.
    Tell me how your heart screams.
    Show me the pain you have felt.

    Let me feel how you do.
    Let me hear the screams of your heart.
    Let me remove every shred of pain.

    I shall never forget these tears I shed.
    I shall never forget the screams of my heart.
    I shall never forget this pain.

    I would give you my all if you are willing to receive it.
    I would love you you if you are willing to love me.
    I would release this pain if you are willing to embrace my heart.

    Now remember how I feel.
    Now listen to my screaming heart.
    Now see my pain.

    It has always been you.
    It has never changed.
    It has let me live.

    Now call my name in your sleep and I will find my way to your dreams.
    Now keep me safe in your warm embrace.
    Now show me how you have always felt.

    I wear my heart on my sleeve for you.
    I remove my mask and show you my true self.
    I let you listen to my every fear and worry.

    I honor you with it all.
    I give you my all.
    I do this all for you.

    I fear this feeling.
    I try to hide it.
    I fail for I love you.

    What would you do if I were to tell you?
    What would you say?
    What if I told you I love you?